viernes, 1 de febrero de 2008


i've erased the title on this one because it's not out yet. but i's on something i'm proud to be a part of.

this is one of my drawings tattoed on some really cool girl from Holland.

fuck the smiths

and here's my 2007 top ten list.

-going back to school.
-Sex/Vid "tania" 7"
-FUCK THE WORLD expo/Vienna invasion and all the peeps.
-Pissed Jeans "hope for men" LP
-OTAN, Über, Invasión and Fucked Up live @ La Papa BCN.
-Gulag "nada cambia" 12"
-Über 7"
-Nas live @ Apolo, BCN
-Devino Tesoro / Vaqueiro Galego 'zines.
-Invasión LP