viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2007

graphic design is for morons.

Ok, so before i became a jaded asshole, i was two things 1) an anarchist 2) an aspiring graphic designer. i won't get into the former here and now (but i still like Amebix), about the later, i actually went to school for that, before realizing it sucked and dropping out. Anyway, i was looking around some backup cd's and came across a bunch of shit from the time, and thought i might as well post it here, since i actually like the way some of it came out. On we go...

Insumisión is/was an noise electronics/gabber band from Lima, Perú. This was supposed to be the cover and cd image for the Spanish pressing of their record. It kept getting delayed and i had a falling out with the label dude, so i have no clue what became of it, but i think it looked good. And yeah, those are The F.U.'s.

I've never been much of a fan of Lightning Bolt's recorded output, but man, that show they played in Barcelona was out of this world. This was the souvenir ticket/flyer/whatever. Some time later the fucking asshole edge-breaker who runs Sell Our Souls Records intended to do the same idea for a Cinder 7" but was promptly threatened with death/breaking of legs and decided not to. The Cheese later changed their name into Les Aus and became bigger than the Beatles.

Ok, so one day we all got kinda drunk and ate some gourmet ham and shrimp even though we were theoretically vegetarians and i somehow ended up drawing this on my friend Nuria. She rewarded me by taking me out to lunch and buying me clothes and introducing me to the first Eno album. Nuria, also known as the infamous Pinkglove, has a band.

Suburban Rebels are a legendary streetpunk/oi! band from Barcelona, who've been going strong for well over a decade. I somehow ended up doing this design (based on their idea) which is worn with pride by bootboys all over. And i'm damn happy. It can be bought through Daily Records.

I was really happy when my friends in HZero asked me to do a t-shirt design for them. This is what i came up with, and they laughed at me. Morons. They would've probably loved a skateboarding zombie or a Kiss rip off or some crap like that. I still love them though.