sábado, 30 de junio de 2007

wiener stuff.

Allright, back from Vienna, where the amazing folks at Glow In The Dark Magazine set up a great art show for me and my dear friend, the mysterious Damage at the wonderful Café Huber (best place, EVER). I managed to sell some stuff and do some more. Here are a few pics. Look out for hand painted mesh hats. Also, if you bought one of those off me in Vienna, I really need pics of them, since i had no time to take them before you started rocking them in fine style. Thanks. Thanks to Out Come The Wolves, Team H-Town, A Painted Mayor and Feeding Time for playing throughout the week.
You can check out some pics from the Feeding Time show here.
Also, due to the ongoing questions from arty peeps and fruits in general about the "concept" and the "theme" behind my crap, i have taken a step forward in this direction by coming up with ridiculous and absurd titles for it. Enjoy.

Here's the shizzle i still have for sale, email if interested:

Henry Rollins.
Acrylics and plastic paint on a broken skateboard.

Acrylics on canvas. 18x24 cm.

Negro geométrico.
Acrylics and idiocy on canvas. 18x24 cm.

Can't Tell No One.
Markers On Cardboard. 20x20 or something like that.

All kinds of shit. A bit over A4.

Sheer Terror.
Drawing + collage on cardstock. A5.

En Garde!
Drawing + collage on cardstock. A4.

And for Christ's sake it's fucking KELLY OSBOURNE not Anna Nicole Smith.

Friends Forever.
Marker on cardboard. 10x15, but the snazzy frame it comes in is a bit bigger.

Spraypaint and markers on plywood, a bit over A4.

Sab Grey has a posse.
Spraypaint and markers on plywood, a bit over A4.

La madre de Bambi.
Spraypaint and markers on plywood, a bit over A4.

Lil' Adolf.
Ink and watercolors on paper. A5 or so.

And this is the stuff i sold which i hadn't had time to post here before:

Hard Times...
Paint marker and india ink on a oddly-shaped piece of plywood I found in a garbage can.

Tupac's alone in a crowd...
Drawing and collage on cardstock. A5.

El cactus de Claudia.
Markers on paper. A5 or so. This is really cheering up somebody's living room.

I'm still missing pictures of tons of stuff, so...whatever.

And although I'm not going to pretend I don't like self-serving glamour shots, the only reason I'm posting this is because I'm damn happy with what ended up on the Glw/Drk office wall. That fucker is BIG.

On a totally unrelated tip, I've also done a couple of flyers for some great DIY punk shows. Thanks be to Juanma and Jordan.

And don't forget that true love is letting your significant other fuck up your laptop under the pretense of "art".

Listen to United Mutation and the Baader Brains. Kill the peace.